After Covid-19: New shows at Arena di Verona in Italy

After Covid-19: New shows at Arena di Verona in Italy

After Covid-19: New shows at Arena di Verona in Italy 1440 1080 SOS - Save our Spectrum

What a feeling: Arena di Verona (Italy) for three days and two different shows, Carl Brave and Carmen Consoli, both with a lot of guests and “Save Our Spectrum”-supporter Federico Menegon as sound manager.

We talked to him after the event mid-september 2021.

What did you do there?

Federico Menegon

Federico Menegon

“I was there as RF Manager and my job was to provide the best 32 frequencies for artist and technicians/production communications. The first big rock to climb was that I didn’t had a choice for the range of the equipment. Cause: The equipment was the same they were using on tour around with the artists.

The biggest part of my job was to find the best solutions to fix all the frequencies before going to the venue; so I ask another technician for the rf scan he did in the Arena a month before.”

How was your feeling?

“The day before was a mix of different feelings, I was peaceful because I got my plan done, I was excited because I love my job and, finally, I would have known the famous Arena di Verona.

However, I was also agitated because I knew that the expectations of a good and clean job were attempted. During the first show I was absolutely doubtful because I didn’t know the artists and the guest, I didn’t know which surprise they could do, maybe someone could run to the opposite corner of the arena with a low power tx!”

Which spectrum ranges did you use?

“I used the largest range provided by all the systems I had: 470- 636 MHz. I put all the MIC in the range 470 – 520 MHz / 610- 636MHz (same system range) and all the IEM in the range 520 – 610 MHz (two different system range).”

Did you had any problems?

“No problems! Fortunately, I had the time to prepare everything at home and to do all the considerations for this job, to calculate link budget and to test the functionality of the cables I used.

And: No problems associated to corona, we provide sanification of all the radio equipment used by the artists and every artist got his personal set (mic/iem). Greenpass was needed for everyone to enter at the arena.”

We show a screenshot of the scan with the position of the system.

Great job, Federico! Gratitudine. Super.

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