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Our initiative SOS – Save Our Spectrum

fights for the preservation of radio frequencies for culture and media.

We are…

…an initiative of the cultural and creative industries.

We fear…

…a loss of the frequencies for wireless means of production.

We demand…

…Frequencies for people – anytime, anywhere, trouble-free.

We need…

…secure access to frequencies, in order to plan in the future.

Wireless production tools, such as wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems, are primarily used at events, in theatres, at concerts and in conferences.

In recent years we have lost many frequencies to mobile. However, mobile phones does not need our frequencies, but better antennas.

TV stations, actors, musicians, pastors, politicians, teachers and many others use radio technologies (and therefore need frequencies) to do their jobs for the benefit of citizens. This use must not be endangered.

Users of wireless assets typically do not have the financial resources to quickly re-invest in new equipment for new frequency ranges.


“SOS – Save Our Spectrum” is supported by concerned parties from the following associations and companies:

The SOS – Save Our Spectrum initiative partners with APWPT, the Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies: http://www.apwpt.org

The APWPT works as a professional association of users and manufacturers of wireless production equipment in national and international regulatory and standardization committees and specializes in technical issues.

Artists for SOS: please click here.