Artists for SOS

Laura and Tobias Goldfarb, Artists

“Wired microphones are useless in dance theater.”





TOKUNBO, Musician

“For cross-over projects, we need wireless microphones”





Andrea Hermenau, Musician

“For larger stages, wireless microphones are irreplaceable.”



Photo of Adrienne Hahn

Photo: Thomas Kölsch

Adrienne Hahn, Actress and Singer

„We need a minimum basic income per month for all artists!“




Leo Schmidthals, Musician

“In the theatre and on the rock stages we do not want to work without wireless microphones. It is often of great artistic importance not to have cables.”



Marc Limpach, Photo: Jens Koch

Photo: Jan Koch

Marc Limpach, Actor

The sound needs to function perfectly so that the viewer and the listener can really be reached.”




Photo: Delf Dietmar Danckwerts

Julia Holmes, Actress

We’re not only performing for people with perfect hearing, we’re also performing for people who may not be able to hear very well. They should also have the chance to go to the theatre.”




Photo: Sam Flammang

CHEAK!, Pop-Rock-Band

Wireless microphones give us even more freedom on stage. It often makes life difficult when you can’t hear yourself at the same volume on all parts of the stage. That’s why in-ear systems are the perfect complement to on-stage monitors.”



Photo: Thekla Ehling

Anne Diemer, Actress

Certain tones or colours of the voice cannot be transmitted to the audience without wireless microphones. It’s often impossible to whisper loud enough in a large hall so that everyone can hear it. Wireless microphones allow you to strike more intimate notes and to heighten artistic expressions.”



Photo: Admill Kuyler

Daniela Köhler, Opera Singer

An opera production is like an iceberg – you only see the ten percent on the surface. Even if I’m on stage without a microphone, I rely on colleagues behind the stage who are using them intensively.”



Konstantin Graudus

Photo: Oliver Fantitsch

Konstantin Graudus, Actor

I acted in a guest performance in Berlin once where wireless microphones were glued to our foreheads. The production was highly stylized. And suddenly, the taxi radios of Berlin were being broadcast in the theatre. After a few smirks were exchanged, the show was over.



Photo: Peter Schepers

Martin Engelien, Musician

Acrobatic stage shows became possible with the invention of wireless microphones. Can you imagine Michael Jackson, Pink or other similar acts connected to wires? It’s inconceivable…



Foto von Thomas Nowack

Photo: Verband für christliche Popularmusik in Bayern e.V.

Thomas Nowack, Cultural Manager of Church Music

Churches don’t usually have a lot of pop music equipment. The places where ensembles can set up also tend to be multi-functional. That’s why wireless tends to be the medium of choice.”



Foto von Olivia Klemke

Photo: Till Brühne

Olivia Klemke, Actress

With a wireless microphone it’s easier for us actors since we can speak quietly and the last row can still understand everything.”