Radio microphones and frequencies in 2020

Radio microphones and frequencies in 2020

Radio microphones and frequencies in 2020 854 400 SOS - Save our Spectrum

The users of radio microphones and other wireless production equipment survived the 2019 World Radio Conference (WRC-19) more or less intact – does that mean we can now let the work pause?

No way!

Our initiative “SOS – Save Our Spectrum” is more important than ever. This is because studies will start in 2020 to show the decision-makers how much the cultural and creative industries need sufficiently suitable frequencies, especially in the UHF spectrum. We have to accompany these studies and provide the necessary information. This is a task for everyone in the cultural and creative industries, and not just for associations and initiatives. These can bundle collected information and place it in the right places.

The next world radio conference will decide on the allocation of our previously used frequencies. The next conference will take place in 2023 – but the work will be done in previous years and it will start in February 2020.

In this context, we are hoping for the new EU Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, Thierry Breton. In December he said: “My ambition for Europe: protecting it, transforming it and taking it forward”.

Breton places a special focus on culture. He mentioned several times the importance of the cultural economy for Europe. For example, he writes: “We must never forget that our aim must be to create process-chain and value-chain strategies in all sectors, whether in industry or services. And in services, we must of course look at everything to do with culture.” We will take his word for it when it comes to equipping culture with frequencies!

The “SOS – Save Our Spectrum” initiative will continue its European focus in 2020. We will work closely with national and European administrations and MPs. With our offices in Luxembourg, Brussels and London, we show that the United Kingdom remains indispensable for us even after Brexit. Many of our publications now appear in three languages ​​(English, French, German), as does our website and our tweets.

Thierry Breton put it in a nutshell: “A coherent single market in which internal barriers have been abolished is a springboard from which Europe can strengthen its technological and industrial – but also cultural – sovereignty, and thus move forward.” And: “To my mind, the cultural side of our continent is just as important as our economic outreach.”

Dr. Jochen Zenthöfer, Spokesman, Luxembourg

Patrice Chazerand, Brussels

Alan March, London

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