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What about wireless microphones?

What about wireless microphones? 1200 800 SOS - Save our Spectrum

Wacken 2016: According to the organisers, the festival was attended by 75,000 paying visitors as well as 9,500 other participants like performers, technical personnel, stagehands, media representatives, VIPs, paramedics, security and public officials. Photograph: Rolf Klatt / source: Festival visitors consider good mobile reception very important: Only this way can the experience be shared…


Why it’s so difficult to get a frequency

Why it’s so difficult to get a frequency 1200 575 SOS - Save our Spectrum

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Rio de Janeiro Organizing Committee for Rio 2016 Olympics, visits the United Nations Office at Geneva in April 2016. Foto: Rio2016/Andre Luiz Mello SOS wants more frequencies for radio microphones. Actually it’s very simple: frequencies are allocated by the relevant national frequency authority. Or are they? – Unfortunately, not…


„Digital Dividend 3“ is not needed for mobile communications

„Digital Dividend 3“ is not needed for mobile communications 1166 778 SOS - Save our Spectrum

Mobile communications base station on the „Schweinauer Buck“ hill in Nuremberg. Photo: Erwin Krauß In recent years, the volume of data handled by mobile communications has massively increased, resulting in operators demanding more of the transmission frequency spectrum. Digital Dividend 1 and 2 (among others) have already given mobile communications providers more of the spectrum…